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Roanoke Mountain launch
Roanoke Mountain launch, in 2000

The following pictures were taken August 12, 2001, not the clearest day.

Parking lot
A view of launch, from back on the parking lot.

Launch with post
Launch, with the vacant sign post. We need to make another sign. The previous one disappeared about 2 years ago.
Lonely post
The sign post (with glasses for size reference). There are three empty holes, and a fourth with a bolt. We could just bolt the sign using the top two holes.

New growth
Here you can sort of see the work cut out for us. Between the trimmed close portion of the launch and the tall trees in the back, are new trees that are about 10 feet high. No saws are required -- a good set of pruners works well.

Overlook sign Trail sign

Previous overlook
This is the previous "scenic overlook." The hang gliding launch is trimmed, but this overlook is so overgrown you can't see a thing. I even stepped back on an embankment for a slightly higher vantage point but still couldn't see over the new growth.
Opposite overlook
This is the scenic overlook for the opposite side of the mountain, right behind the launch. Once again, it is completely overgrown blocking all views.
Considering how well maintained the Roanoke "launch site" Overlook is compared to other overlooks, the Park Service might just want to have a symbiotic relationship with the pilots and allow pilots to use more overlooks so that they are maintained "for free." Note that these pictures were taken a week before the planned workday on the Roanoke Mountain launch.

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