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Membership Forms & Waivers

Membership Application There is now only a single membership information/application form: MembershipApplication.pdf
The best option is to right-click on the link and select "save as" to download it first before opening it.
Dues and address info are on the form.

Roanoke Mountain was flown regularly back in the days of the RVHGA but it has been seldom flown in recent years. It is still an open site for hang gliders, although a US Park Service permit is required. The permit must be renewed on an annual basis. The necessary forms and information are here: Roanoke Mountain Forms and Information

Club Roster

The latest version of the club roster and contact information will be maintained here, along with the date of the last update. As with the club forms, this is also a zip file: which was last updated December 25, 2021
It is password protected with the password available to all current members (it will be changed each year).
If you are a current member, enter your email address below and the password will be emailed to you. (Also includes Photo Gallery login info):

Member Email Address:

Landowner Liability - information for Landowners

Our priviledge to fly depends largely on the good nature of the landowners who give us permission to use their property. Unfortunately in this age the concern of exposure to a lawsuit is a very real concern that might prevent many from granting us permission who would otherwise be willing to do so. A number of states have passed laws to protect landowners from these sorts of lawsuits. In general this protection applies only when there is no money involved (or limited to small amounts) Here are the particulars for states in this area (note: one or another of these states likes to change their links every few weeks - especially West Virginia - so if one is not working drop me a line and I'll update it - again. I've finally also given up and made .pdf copies of each statue, so if the link doesn't work today you can still read the statute and maybe have some clues as to how to find it on the state site):

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