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Skywacker and other Regional Flying Sites

This is a summary page of many of the local sites that are either maintained by the Skywacker Club, or are sites that are nearby and regularly flown by our Club. Most of the summaries will have links to take you to more detailed information about the site.

Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock is the only site currently maintained by the Skywacker Club. Located NW of Roanoke, the mountain has launches facing both SE and NW.

Big Walker Mountain

Big Walker Mountain

Big Walker Mountain is the birthplace of the Skywackers. A 30 mile long NW facing ridge in beautiful country in South Western Virginia (near Pulaski/Dublin/Bland). Many long flights have begun here, which have ended as far away as New Castle and North Carolina. It is currently a private site operated by the landowner.

Peter's Mountain

Barry Rich has developed a new launch on Peter's Mountain (WV) down the ridge from the previous hang gliding launch. For more info see
For permission and more info: Email Barry

The Sky Retreat

The Sky Retreat is located just off the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina and is "the only adventure retreat offering a wide range of activities ranging from the ultimate rush of paragliding to the elegant art of ballroom dancing."

It is also a Paragliding site open to current pilots. See for more information.

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