Skywackers — Raven Contest

SW Virginia Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association

Skywackers — Raven Contest

Skywacker Raven's League - 2011 Contest

Contest Rules

Open to all Skywacker Club Members, Hang Gliding and Paragliding. If you have GPS/altimeter tracks/records, submit them, but honor system applies if you don't.


  • Spec Contest - Highest Above Launch
  • Enduro Contest - Longest Flight Time
  • Leave The Nest - Longest Flight From Launch (Separate HG and PG Awards)

Current Contest Entries

Results were last updated November 17, 2012

Spec Contest - Max Altitude Gain

PilotWingAltitude (ft)DateLaunch Site
Richard CobbHG30009/29Big Walker (example entry)
Richard CobbPG20009/1Big Walker (examply entry)

Enduro Contest - Max Duration

PilotWingDurationDateLaunch Site
Richard CobbPG1 hr 0 min 9/29Big Walker (example entry)

Leave the Nest - XC Distance - Paraglider

PilotDistance (miles)DateLaunch Site
Richard Cobb8.39/29Big Walker (example entry)

Leave the Nest - XC Distance - Hang Glider

PilotDistance (miles)DateLaunch Site

Raven Contest Entry Submission Form

To submit the same flight for more than one category (i.e., Altitude and Distance), make a new submission for each category. You must use the email address that you have listed in the member roster. If you have forgotten the password, you may get it emailed to you from the Forms Page

Member Email Address: (Your name will be entered automatically)

Hang Glider

Altitude (Feet)
Duration (minutes)
(2 hrs=120 min)
Distance (Miles)
Launch Site:
Eagle Rock SE, Big Walker, etc


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